11 Months

The school year is about to end.  Taxes are finished.  Summer's coming. 

And I've almost been here an entire year.

I can't believe it.

I figured I'd post...since it's been like almost 2 months.  To be quite frank and nonspecific, I've been revamping my life.  My spiritual life has been basically non-existent, full of questions and doubt.  Pretty sure that's ok.  That's what others/my wisdom tells me.  Was kinda withdrawing from people, just playing games and staying inside.  Changing that though.  Playing racquetball more, dieting, losing weight!  Got some good stuff done at work for the past few months, still have a ton to learn.  Went home for a friend's wedding, was really awesome.  Sat next to a kid who loves Pokemon on the airplane....while I was wearing MY Pokemon shirt.  Sometimes I'm feeling a little trapped being alone so much, but I'm doing what I can do empower myself not to get too down about it.  I have dance parties by myself once in a while.  Still wondering what my purpose or goal in life is.  Really not sure...

And I got a lot of people who want to come visit Austin...YEAH!

Life has started to become a major grind.  Wake up...eat...go to work....come home...eat.....game...sleep....repeat.  I'm trying hard to vary it up, but it's really hard when I'm drained from work (and diet and exercise), and I live alone.  I don't know how people are so content with it.  I've definitely had some cool adventures: hiking in the greenbelt, my friend's wedding, a cooking competition with friends, etc.  I just don't know what I really want in life yet.  And that's not really good posting material...is it?   I'll let you know when I figure out more about what I'm doing with my life, because I'm not even sure yet.


  1. It's good posting material :]

    Lots of people think they know what they want but ultimately I think we're all kinda just guessin. At least, I am too.

    We need to catch up soon.

  2. You can always count on us for a good DDR dance party!

    I too felt the same way that you are for about a year or 2 out of college. As you explore the world around you and meet new people during the process, you will find your unique niche in this crazy world. I think we all need times in our lives where we "find ourselves" once again.

  3. I'm still trying to figure it all out, too.

    Also, in reference to one of your former posts....My rental car is a Nissan Versa, and I am also beginning to hate the stress of finding a new car. :P